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Do you feel pain? Do you see the colossal shapes shifting beneath the surface As negligible fragments drift through the void Unnoticed and unwanted Blocked off and left out in the darkness Unwelcome to a house where light has been set into motion Where there is no pity for you Scattered across the night sky are the thousand shattered remnants of your dreams So many opportunities you will never have again Every last one you have lost to this expanse of endless night Surrender to the sky
Sailing across the night sky past thousands of collapsing suns I question the reason for our continued existence What foul god placed us down here on this wretched planet To toil in endless agony only to be left perpetually unfulfilled Only to long for distant stars that we will never find on this Earth The seething mass of humanity gazes upwards as one towards stars they will never reach Only in their minds, never in the flesh So we allow our hollow spirits to drift into the void Eternally gravitating towards the chasm of that which will never exist So far from our realities, we eternally enact our dreams Missing so many opportunities we will never have again Blind to so many realities lost to the irreversible flood of time Forever bound to the flesh Yet passing through countless dimensions



Split cassette between Ukranian ambient/black metal duo MICROCOSMYS and Canadian enigmatic raw black metal entity LA TORTURE DES TÉNÈBRES, out for the first time on cassette format.
This release is dedicated to science fiction literature pioneer Isaac Asimov and inspired by his novel "The Gods Themselves".
Both bands showcase their fascination with science fiction and the works of Asimov, conveying a sense of a space-themed loneliness and post apocalyptic disillusion, but in two radically different ways:
microcosmys with their ambient and spacey atmospheric black metal and LA TORTURE DES TÉNÈBRES with their trademark noise-laden-yet melancholic raw black metal barrage.


released July 13, 2018


Z. Ghart - guitars
Lemm - bass, ambient



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