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Paradoxa Emblemata

by Perpetuum Mobile

What thou hast of One yield to that One again if thou intendest to keep it? Only by so doing canst thou be a perpetuum Mobile Only by this union the Darkness is conquered broken, relisted and driven away
One is Unmovable All things are moving One is Immutable All things alterable
From whence is this and that if not out of the Center? One the whole, the Point, the Center The Circumference and whatsoever is therein? Nothing to the Unwise, to the Wise, more than enough
Out of One 00:09
All Things were, are and will be Out of One, Through One and to One
This one is capable both of this and of that Choose and what thou choosest shall be thine There is no coming to the One with one jump and none, without going about It is finished when Seven are One
This Abyssal Nothing will introduce itself into Something Viz into Nature that is into Proper ties and through Nature into Glory & Majesty This now is done.
Confounded but as it were Parallel with it through these three first Dark Fighting, Whirling and all Restless Properties of Nature In the Fourth it makes that great Conjunction between the Eternal Liberty and this Dark, Restless Nature
Thee Not 00:32
The One is not included by any Limits The Heavens of Heavens comprehend THEE not
Here in the fourth it ends as being fulfilled or satisfied by what now further is produced in by and through the Fire Which Conjunction is the Generation of Fire Through which this Lubet having thus taken up Life and Motion returns Home in the Light Triumphantly
To the One nothing is impossible By the Power of One, displayed they are Concentred Duality is justly excluded The Point, Center and Rectitude effect stupendious things One is the exactest Determiner One is indivisible



Alchemy and emblems themed black metal/grindcore project, an enigmatic concept album about mystic Dionysius Andreas Freher's opus "Paradoxa Emblemata". Each track covers one (or more) emblem(s) of the "Paradoxa", with lyrics arranged from each emblem's inscription.

Musically, this debut EP from PERPETUUM MOBILE is an intense blend of metalpunk akin to bands like Ornamental Headpiece and blackened grindcore, Dephosphorus-style.


released September 21, 2018

Heliogabalus - vocals, programming, songwriting
Warrior - guitars, programming, vocals (track 10)
Stilgar - programming, concept & lyrics, design

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Warrior at Ancestral Studio, Spring 2018
Layout by meo_blodnasir_ and rednorthernwitch


all rights reserved



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