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by Deathvoid

Eye to eye with the murals in secret rooms only I can access ornaments only I can see concealed passages hideen behind armoires and trapdoors one day I will perish and no one will ever see these golden archways and ceilings one day I will be found
Ceramic Sun 05:21
Ceramic sun hanging on a wall in the back end of the tiled landing I rest myself on the seat beneath everything is dyed in copper a beam of evening light shines nearby and lays on it, its eyes glimmer ceramic sun reveals a doorway leading up to argil roofs and the existence of two more suns in another time
Mills 04:55
Ominous mills start moving their blades suddenly and without notice still for ages, frozen in time within oil paint they fill this spectral landscape throughout something is wrong with their movements asynchronous and ghastly antique and surreal
Disappear 09:41
Objects in the photograph fade to disappear emerge and appear into another different picture I came to disappear from this plane to emerge and appear into the second level of reality I dragged my feet across the seat and jumped out the passenger side the only thing worth looking for is what you find inside but that had not yet appeared lost, invisible, here Tel Aviv and Agadir Taroudant or Olomouc before I learned to see there is a calm I haven't come to yet I spent half my life figuring what comes next I telescoped in, I finally win I finally win the prize that now my eyes see a comic's perfect timing squeezed I'm headfirst fighting everything the crushing force of memory erasing all I've been look at this face can you believe it? am I living in a beautiful vacuum because I can't see it the vanishing point appears I looked for you everywhere tell me why you're here I came to disappear



DEATHVOID's first release as a three piece after the departure of Nebiroth. This EP has been recorded on a broken tape recorder and it's an experiment in off-key riffing. Garage raw black metal about surreal landscapes, unearthly objects, and dreams.

Tape edition co-released by Xenoglossy Productions and Glossolalia Records (US)


released December 31, 2019

Stilgar - bass, noise, vocals, lyrics, acoustic guitar on track 4
Baashtur - guitars
Phobameth - drums

Layout by meo_blodnasir_


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Xenoglossy Productions Italy

Underground label formed by a collective of musicians and specialized in black metal, noise, experimental and extreme music.

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